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15 Jan 2015

1/15/2015, (Kernersville, NC) – At EFI, we hold the belief that involving and bettering the community through our business is essential. We do this not only through our products, but also in the way we create those products. Creation takes strength and skill, and there is no better way to utilize strength and skill, while bettering our community, than through working with World Relief. World Relief is a local refugee resettlement agency. EFI readily seeks to offer jobs to refugees with World Relief.

15 Nov 2014

11/15/2014, (Kernersville, NC ) – The opportunities we have to give back to the world around us are always a priority at EFI. Recently, we had the chance to work with the Ronald McDonald house on some of their renovations to improve their facilities. The Ronald McDonald House is located in New Hyde Park on the campus of the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York. The house provides a temporary home for the families of children staying at the medical center.

20 Aug 2014

If you like to walk, this is the show for you! Seriously, if you want to get some major exercise, I would definitely recommend traveling to Chicago and visiting Neocon. Neocon is a very large and busy show. This year, EFI had a great representation of our products by many of the various office manufactures with showrooms. We made a choice that for us, it is more productive and beneficial to not exhibit and spend time walking (Check out the HD Expo 2014 review for helpful tips about whether to exhibit or walk the show). I have listed a few helpful tips and reasons why you might not want to exhibit.

11 Jul 2014

Ready. Set. Show! Professional drag racers spend countless hours preparing themselves for what may be 10-11 seconds in an actual race. On race day, they pull their machine up to the line and eagerly wait for the green light. When the light changes, they immediately explode from idle to wide open.

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