EFI_Hospitality_WebPeople travel, visiting foreign lands and new cities both large and small.  The architects and designers in the hospitality industry throughout the world set out to create a tone that engages travelers with an environment that offers new and exciting experiences, while never compromising the restfulness of home.  Success in this endeavor yields consumers loyal to your brand and advocates eager to share their experiences with others.

Entrance Way

hospitality_main_1-1024x465This urban entryway leverages our Tree pattern from the SoftEtch™ Pattern line to create an eye-catching design which invite patrons into a beautiful open environment.


Hospitality_Main_2In this application, the Mandarino colour was applied to our SoftEtch™ Colour glass to create an intriguing focal point for a hotel lounge.  The edges of the glass panels were illuminated resulting in a glow effect.

Wardrobe Doors

Hospitality_Main_3 Here, a large wardrobe serves as the room’s focal point because modern design specialty glass was used in the door facings.  This shot features our Fabric pattern with a mirrored backing. Select any of our SoftEtch™ Pattern glass and request that it be mirrored in order to create a glass product that yields depth while also serving as a subtle reflective surface for a final wardrobe check before a night out.

Accent Wall

Hospitality_Main_3 Accent walls are great for transforming a plain wall into an eye-catching surface.  This hotel’s breakfast area utilizes our Bronze Fuzzy glass with a mirrored backer.  Selecting a mirrored backer or any of our colours to be paired with one of our SoftEtch™ Pattern designs is a great way to accent your space.


Hospitality_Main_3 sThe Circle Fade pattern from our SoftEtch™ Pattern product line is a perfect solution for any modern shower.  With a pattern that fades from privacy to transparent over a 24″ span, this glass is both beautiful and practical.

Occasional Tables

SoftEtch™_Colour_Main-1024x640These beautiful occasional tables have been created using our SoftEtch™ Colour glass, back-painted black.  Choose from any of our colour options or let us perform a custom colour match to complement any existing space.   SoftEtch™ glass is particularly practical as a surface that needs to stand up to fingerprints and smudges.