When the inherent reflectivity of glass meets distinctive colours, the result is a high-sheen, durable look that is unmistakable in any environment.  Brilliant splashes of colour allow designers to evoke intentional emotions in those who visit the spaces they create. Use the power of EFI Colour to make a bold statement in your next creation.


Color - White (Ice White) Colour - Light Gray (Ozark Shadow) Colour - Dark Gray Colour - Black Colour - Light Brown (Silk) Colour - Brown Colour - Dark Brown Color - Red Colour - Orange Colour - Gold Colour - Light Green Colour - Light Blue Colour - Blue Colour - Pink Colour - Purple

* Custom Colour Match Available

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Custom Color Options

Available in any colour using our custom colour match system, EFI heat fuses your colour choice to SoftEtch™ or Extra Clear glass to achieve the perfect look for your project.


Available in select EFI Colours, Ceramic Frit is perfect for larger projects requiring a more durable surface, such as conference tabletops or any application exposed to direct sunlight.


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