Because our SoftEtch glass is extremely durable and easy to clean, it makes a great alternative for traditional tops.  Use one of our unique glass options as a top for a conference room table, occasional table, kitchen counter or find your own unique way of showcasing designer glass on a horizontal surface.  We recommend selecting 10mm or 12mm  glass for stand-alone surfaces while the 4mm, 6mm and 8mm variety can be used with another substrate.  We manufacture to your exact specifications and can produce most sizes, shapes and colors within a couple of weeks.


SoftEtch™ - Low Iron (Inventory: 10mm, 12mm) SoftEtch™ Pattern - Linen (Inventory: 10mm) SoftEtch™ Pattern - Timber (Inventory: 10mm)


SoftEtch™ Colour - Ice White SoftEtch™ Colour - Cafe SoftEtch™ Colour - Black



• 10mm

• 12mm


Edge Type

Aris Flat Polish with Radius Mitre Pencil Seamed

SoftEtch™ Brochure

 SoftEtch™ Advantage