3form EcoResin

Environmentally responsible and high performing, this product is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Beautifully Formed

A high-performance resin with unparalleled design possibilities including shape, color (Color Portfolio), texture, opacity, pattern, and dimensionality, all within this 40% pre-consumer recycled material.

  • Creative Design

    Custom made to your specifications

  • High Performance

    Lightweight, durable and versatile

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Recycled content for building sustainability


Enhance your design with a decorative interlayer that complements your style.  Geometric, organic, linear and circular patterns create a visually captivating element in any interior space.

Other Materials


Select the perfect glass for your frame.  Clear, frosted, mirrored, or patterned glass options are available to create lasting beauty for your living and working environments.

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Other Materials


Complement EFI’s beautiful glass by placing it inside a premium aluminum frame.   Learn more about framing options.

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