Capable Beyond Custom

EFI is capable of bringing your custom ideas to life by delivering selections beyond the standard choices of colors, shapes and sizes. The methods and techniques used to produce beautiful spaces give you the opportunity to uniquely express your style.

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  • Custom Sizes

    We can customize glass creations up to 6’ x 10’.

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  • Custom Shapes

    Technology assists us in developing custom shapes to fit your needs.

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  • Custom Colors

    Standard, blended or even matched color options are available.

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  • Laminating

    Films, fabrics, metal inlays and more are used in the laminating process, allowing for endless design opportunities.

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  • Digital Printing

    Digital imaging permits one-of-a-kind designs using custom photos transmitted onto glass.

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  • Back Painting

    Your choice of color is applied to the back of clear glass, providing a beautiful finish.

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  • Machining

    Machining techniques drill holes in EFI glass to accommodate additional hardware pieces such as drawer pulls, hinges and brackets.

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  • Precision

    Cutting glass with the tightest tolerances in the industry means coming within ½ millimeter of the actual dimensions, resulting in unparalleled quality and fit.

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Powerful Partnerships

The power of our brand begins with companies who believe in the commitment to excellence and to the service we demonstrate with each order.  True partnerships are built by investing in a relationship that is mutually beneficial for both parties.  Contact us to learn about the power of partnering with EFI.

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