Glass is our Canvas

Designing with glass is an age-old craft.  The unique possibilities of glass coupled with its ability to deliver light, messaging and imagery to spaces empower us to create an infinite array of visual effects.

Base Glass Option

Clear Glass

When you want to make a bold statement by using glass accents in your living and work environments, EFI is the clear choice. We start with fine European clear glass for the traditional look and customize it to your specifications.

  • Premium Clarity

    Low iron option available for maximum clarity

  • Backpainting

    Perfect for backpainting for any application

  • Digital Printing

    Print any image onto a beautiful, strong canvas

Base Glass Option

SoftEtch Glass

Semi-translucent SoftEtch glass provides a level of privacy and the frosted finish requires less cleaning since it does not absorb fingerprint oils like clear glass.

  • Soft Touch Surface

    Privacy with a modern/luxurious touch

  • No Fingerprints

    SoftEtch is resilient to fingerprints and oils

  • Patterns & Textures

    Add beauty and dimension with a variety of patterns & textures

Impressive Patterns

EFI can create or recreate a variety of patterns on its SoftEtch glass for an ultra-modern look and feel for your home or work environment.

SoftEtch Patterns

Enhance the look of your glass creation with patterns that complement your design.

Exquisite Mirrors

EFI can create an array of exquisite mirror options using its SoftEtch glass and patterns.  The addition of regular, bronze or gray tinted mirror makes the final product as strong as it is beautiful.

SoftEtch Mirrors

When tinted mirror is added to our signature SoftEtch glass, the result is a decorative touch that brings sophistication to any environment.

A World of Color

From bold and vibrant hues to light and pastel shades, EFI can help you set the tone of your work or living space with color.

Just a few of our colors to get you started…

Choose from one of hundreds of our standard colors or have one matched or custom made just for you.

Custom Colors
and Matching
are available.

Feeling even
more creative?
Try our Digital Printing.

Other Materials


Complement EFI’s beautiful glass by placing it inside a premium aluminum frame.   Learn more about framing options.

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Other Materials

3form Resin

A dynamic interlayer system with design possibilities as diverse as your imagination.

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