Use one of our exceptional glass options as a top for a conference room table, occasional table, kitchen counter or find your own unique way of showcasing designer glass on a horizontal surface.

  1. Glass

    Choose from a variety of glass types to determine both the style and functional features of your working surface.

    SoftEtch™ Glass

    Our SoftEtch™ glass provides a beautiful and resilient surface available in a variety of beautiful options and creative possibilities.

    • Standard Clarity
      Premium Low Iron Clarity

    • Soft-Touch surface

    • No Fingerprints

    • Back-Painting and Tinted

    • Patterns and Mirrored Available

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    Clear Glass

    The perfect canvas for a sleek surface with tons of creative possibilities.

    • Standard Clarity
      or Premium Low Iron Clarity

    • Back-Painting and Tinted

    • Digital Printing

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  2. Edge Types

    Choose from a Flat Polish with Radius Corner or Aris edge for your glass table top.

    • Aris

    • Flat Polish with radius corner

  3. Extras

    If you need your table top broken into smaller pieces to fit into an elevator or machined for custom electrical ports, we are able to help with no problems. You provide the details, we provide the product.

    • Custom Ports

      • Custom electrical ports
      • Custom machining available
    • Multi-Piece

      If your table is longer than 10ft or needs smaller pieces for install purposes, EFI can break into sections.

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